Antidiabetic properties
in vivo

Result, opinion:
Glucose tolerance and insulin resistance significantly improve when using betulin.
Betulin regulates SREBP target genes and metabolism genes associated in the liver and WAT, which can directly contribute to lower lipid levels and increasing insulin sensitivity.

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The chloroform extract of Alnus oregona has antitumor activity against Walker 256 (5WA16) tumor system. Two components of the extract that are responsible for this activity have been identified - lupeol and betulin.
Based on the original natural compounds of betulenol (1) and betulinolic acid (2) with relatively low anti- HIV activity, by their chemical modification a number of highly active compounds have been found. The most promising semi-synthetic derivative of Lupane series include amides, dipeptides and esters of  betulenolic and betulinic acids.
BED provides immune modeling effect on phagocytosis in intact animals as well as in mice on influenza pneumonia model. BED more actively enhances individual cell activity: the value of the FI and the FF in infected animals is almost 2 times higher than those in intact mice. Therefore , BED activates the main function of macrophages - phagocytosis.