Anti-mutagenic properties
Cells accounting method with chromosome damage in C57Bl /6 mice.

Result, opinion:  
Dry birch barkextract (BED) was administered orally in doses of 50, 150, 450 and 1500 mg/ kg, mutagens - dioxidine (200 mg/kg) and cyclophosphamide (20 mg /kg) intraperitoneally.
The preceding analysis showed that the antimutagenic effect of naturally occurring compounds and their complexes practically does not exceed 50%. However, along with a positive antimutagenic effect, they often exhibit undesirable comutagenic action. BED is favorably unique in having effectiveness of antimutagenic action with no comutagenic effects. Its protective effect in a single preliminary administration in most cases is at least 60%.

Thus, the set of results obtained in the experiments on mammalia allows to conclude that BED is characterized by pronounced antimutagenic activity and has no undesirable mutagenic and comutagenic properties.

“Birch World” Ltd.
“Study of antimutagenic effect of birch bark extract”
Institute of Pharmacology after V. Zakusov RAMS, research under the direction of Professor A. Durneva.

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