BetulaFarm company uses only betulin of high purity to produce its BADS.
Technology of its natural extraction was developed by Russian scientists in
up to 99,9%
2014 year

Today BetulaFarm company®

is the only Russian producer of Biologically Active Dietary Supplements
made on the basis of natural high-purity betulin
Raw materials

Bark of birch trees, a valuable natural product, healing properties of which have been known since the ancient times, is taken as a raw material for betulin production. BetulaFarm® company uses betulin extracted from the birch bark. The birch trees are cut down in ecologically friendly natural zones in the north of Perm Krai, Russia.

Ural birch trees grow tall and mighty. Harsh environmental conditions: cold and fast rivers, rich mineral resources give birch trees vital energy materialized in health properties of betulin.


The quality of betulin produced by BetulaFarm® is confirmed by State Registration Certificate: plant extract “Birch betulin” (birch bark extract) given by Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) of the Russian Federation

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Betulin is a natural source of health and
longevity given to us by contemporary science

Alexander Sinotov
Betulafarm Director General

According to the statistics there are no 100% healthy people today. Understanding this we are trying to make not only a high-quality product but to inform people about a gentle attitude to their health in general. This is our philosophy, our approach. We believe health is a lifestyle, “Betulin” is a part of it, a new and useful habit.

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