Are there any contraindications for betulin?
No side effects have been determined as a result of tests. Betulin has no allergenic, carcinogenic, skin irritative, cumulative, mutagenic, sensitizing and embriotoxic effects. The research studies of microbiological indicators of betulin as BADS and a raw material for food manufacturing industry have been conducted. According to the conducted research betulin meets the requirements of SanPiN “Hygienic Requirements to Safety and Nutritional Value of Food Products” paragraph 1.10.5 taking into account safety indicators (microbiological, toxic ingredient content, pesticides and radionuclides). More information on dosage is provided in the instruction.
How does betulin “work”? What mechanism are its health benefits based on?
Long-term scientific research has proved a historical, evolutionary steady role of triterpene connections in regulations of metabolism of a human cell. Betulin controls fermentation in a cell of an organism by regulation of synthesis and destruction as well as influencing the activity of ferments. Betulin, being a compound of plant cell walls, is necessary to protect plants from damaging factors of environment: radiation, bacteria, fungi, viruses and insects. Biological activity of birch extract and its compounds have been justified more than in 40 foreign and Russian scientific centers. More information about pharmacokinetics of betulin and mechanisms of its influence on an organism is provided in the instruction.
I have no health problems. Should I take betulin? If I take it, what can it improve?
All of us feel the influence of negative environmental factors: bad ecology, stresses, seasonal viral epidemics, bad habits and unhealthy food. We also suffer from lack of necessary for our organism substances because commercial food products are less healthy than natural ones. Despite there might be no visible negative evidence of an illness, such pathogenic processes as accumulating of toxins, nervous strains, stagnant processes, go in an organism. Sooner or later this becomes the reason for somatic disorders. Taking betulin (BetulaFarm®) preventively can become a good support for your organism. Betulin (BetulaFarm®) will help your organism cope with toxins and stress, contribute to improvement of metabolism and it will support the power of defensive functions of the organism. Moreover, taking betulin based BADS preventively can gradually improve your emotional state, give strength and lightness – such effects are connected with the effect of betulin to normalize metabolic processes and protect organism against stresses.
I have no opportunity to change my eating habits and lifestyle radically making them healthier. Is there any sense to take betulin based BADS? How can they help?
If you can’t make your lifestyle healthier, you should support your organism in the struggle against the influence of external factors and internal pathogenic processes. If your aim is to lose excess weight, which may be the consequence of leading inactive lifestyle and having an imbalanced diet, you should pay attention to Betulin – Slim Correct (BetulaFarm®). Normalizing digestion, improving metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates – all these effects are achievable even if, figuratively speaking, you “don’t stand up from the couch”. Betulin – Hepato (BetulaFarm®) can purposefully help protect liver if there’s such a necessity. If your immune system suffers from leading unhealthy lifestyle, pay attention to Betulin-Immuno (BetulaFarm®). Betulin – Antiox (BetulaFarm®) is recommended for those, who are thinking of supporting activity of all systems in an organism and their recovery.
I’m over 60 and I have a “bunch” of illnesses. Is there any sense for me to take betulin as I take a lot of medicine?
Betulin based suppliments produced by BetulaFarm® aren’t medicine. They are BADS, sources of betulin, lupeol and other healthy compounds. Illnesses that the elderly have, as a rule, result from systemic abnormalities, long pathogenic disorders, that’s why support of an organism should be systematic. BADS by BetulaFarm® can provide such support due to a wide variety of health benefits of betulin and extracts of medical plants. You can choose the most suitable supplement, effect of which is aimed at support of your organism in the necessary sphere, from the whole line of products. We should mention that to take a handful of medicine is a negative factor: most medicines are toxic, can accumulate in tissues of the organism and their side effects can make life of a man, who takes them, more difficult. In this case taking BADS on the basis of betulin, for example, Betulin – Hepato (BetulaFarm®) can help protect liver from negative influence of xenobiotics (small molecule drugs) and toxins.
If betulin is made from birch bark, does it mean that trees are damaged and destroyed in order to produce it?
Raw material for the production of betulin is a birch bark which isn’t used in a timber manufacturing industry (where only timber is used), so trees aren’t cut down specially to produce betulin. BetulaFarm® uses betulin extracted from the bark of birch trees for production of its BADS, the trees are cut in ecologically friendly natural zones in the north of Perm Krai, Russia.
If health benefits of betulin have been known for so long, why were healthcare products on the basis of it produced not so long ago?
Although health benefits of betulin have been known since ancient times, betulin in a relatively pure form was produced by scientists only in 20th century. However, toxic substances are often used when producing it: organic solvents, acetone etc. They remain in the output and when the amount of betulin in the extract is relatively high (70-80%), health benefits of it decrease. Technology of natural extraction of betulin and extraction of betulin of high purity (up to 99,9%) was developed at the end of 2014. BetulaFarm company uses only betulin of high purity to produce its BADS.
What justifies the quality of betulin produced by BetulaFarm®?
The quality of betulin used by BetulaFarm® is proved by State Registration Certificate: plant extract “Birch betulin” (birch bark extract) given by Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor) of the Russian Federation http://drevit.ru/docs/betulin.pdf