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Betulafarm company manufactures and sells biologically active substance betulin of high purity degree, between 94 and 99,2%, with no detrimental impurities. Due to modern technologies and equipment we produce and get extra pure betulin (birch bark extract), with full biological activity maintained.

Betulin is widely known for its healing properties. It was discovered by a talented Russian chemist T. Lovits in 1788. In recent years there has been an all-time rise of interest towards betulin in world pharmacology and pharmaceutics. Recently conducted studies have proved its wide influence on human body.

The investigations carried out by authoritative international Scientific Research centers have confirmed and established 15 useful betulin's properties: hepatoprotective, choleretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumorigenic, antiviral, hypocholesteremic, immunomodulator, gastroprotective, antiseptic, antimutagenic, neoruprotective, hypolipidemic, anti-lithogenic and antihypoxant.

Besides the reasons mentioned above the interest in betulin as a natural compound is generated by its ability to maintain biological value and organoleptic properties of various food products.

Today USA, Canada, Russia and China have a positive experience in using betulin in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and as a useful supplement for different food products.

Nowadays healthy lifestyle is popular all over the world. We choose products in stores, biologically active additives and medicine in drugstores more carefully. The remedies that prevent illnesses have become more demanded.

By choosing us as a betulin supplier you get the highest quality of all possible. Our unique manufacture allows to obtain low-cost betulin and we are ready to offer you quite interesting prices compared to other natural birch bark extract producers.

Moreover, using the best raw materials from ecologically clean areas of Siberia combined with the unique technology that excludes chemical processes allows us to offer you betulin of the highest quality characteristics and intense biological activity. These factors are vital for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biologically active additives and cosmetics.

Our production capacities are currently limited by the amount of 1 ton a month, but we are ready to expand it to 3 tons within 6 months.

We ready take good price from 850 USD to 1300 USD at 1 kg. (FOB)

We are looking forward to working together and are willing to provide maximal assistance and share our knowledge with you.

If you are interested in our products we will be happy to cooperate with you.

Contact your manager: Daria Sichova tel: +7342 2073633 (ext 307), email: betulin@betulin.com

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