Betulin Immuno 30 caps.
“Betulin Immuno” will help support immune system – the ability of an organism to fight viruses and inflammatory processes. Betulin contributes to destruction of self-replication cycle of viruses; extract of Echinacea and liquorice root extract activate immune system and have an anti-inflammatory effect.
390 rub.
30 cups
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Guaranty of betulin of high purity

Technology of natural extraction of the bark of birch trees and isolation of betulin of high purity (up to 99, 9%) was developed and registered by Russian scientists at the end 2014. It is betulin that BetulaFarm ® uses to produce its BADS.

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Ingredients and their properties

1 капсула Бетулин Иммуно содержит 40 мг бетулина, 139,2 мг экстракта эхинацеи сухой и 140,8 мг экстракта солодки сухой

Betulin influences the viruses destroying their life cycle in the body, induces interferon synthesis (the major “weapon” of white blood cells in fighting the viruses


Echinacea extract has immunomodulatory, anti-imflammatory and antiviral effects.


Common liquorice extract has antiulcer, smoothening and expectorative  effects as well as laxative, cholerectic and spasmolytic effects.

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Main health benefits of betulin

Activation of cells (phagocytes), which absorb harmful viruses and bacteria
Destruction of viral life cycle in an organism and decrease of their virulence (ability to infect healthy cells), after HIV, hepatitis B and C
Acceleration of wound healing and tissue rapair after inflammatory processes
Serious immune system modulation in case of immunodeficiency disorders, viral pathologies and antineoplastic therapy
Reinforcement of synthesis of cytokines and interferons by leucocytes
Increasing speed of leucocytes on the way to infected tissues
Smoothening, expectorative and spasmolytic effects
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Как укрепить иммунитет

Несколько простых правил и рекомендаций, которые
позволят вам сохранить здоровье на долгие годы
Have a balanced diet,
get enough vitamins and
minerals from food
Lead an active lifestyle –
don’t neglect regular
exercises and sport
Keep to a healthy day
regimen - interchange work
and a proper rest
Regularly spend time in the open air
Take Betulin Immuno 30 caps. systematically

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Elena Rogozhina
Elena Rogozhina
Perm, 30 years old

All my colds were always long, sluggish and accompanied by cold sores on mucous membranes, and in 2012 I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus. Since that times I do not live without immunostimulants Echinacea extract and preparations based on it - taking courses in fall and spring. Colds become rarer and shorter, but rash have remained. I was taking Betulin - Immuno (BetulaFarm®) for a month in the fall - as a result lived all winter without colds and rash. I am planning to repeat the course again in the spring!

Evgeny Pavlovich
Evgeny Pavlovich
St. Petersburg, 63 years old

I am 63 years old. I noticed that small wounds, cuts and abrasions began to heal very slowly and fester, survived the winter bronchitis, constantly feeling fatigue. Doctors did not say anything specific - general words about the decreased immunity. About betulin - Immuno (BetulaFarm®) my wife had learned and offered to take a course. The first changes felt in a couple of weeks - increased strength, energy, improved digestion. No colds have been yet. Now I continue to take betulin - Immuno (BetulaFarm®) and my wife with me.

Elena G.
Elena G.
Perm, 32 years old

Four years ago, I had detected HIV infection by chance. Now I am under surveillance in the regional AIDS center on antiretroviral therapy with four very toxic drugs. During the treatment have appeared permanent complications: inflammatory and severe colds, severe weakness, liver problems. According to doctors' recommendations i have tried the products of famous Russian and foreign manufacturers of dietary supplements to support the immune system. No health was gained. A professor-immunologist has told me about betulin - Immuno (BetulaFarm®). At first, the weakness disappeared, colds and inflammatory diseases had become less acute. I have felt better for the first time. Now I recommend betulin - Immuno (BetulaFarm®) to anyone who has a similar situation.

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