Betulin Antiox 30 caps.
“Betulin Antiox” helps retardation of ageing, staying young and healthy, it provides antineoplastic prevention.  The effect is based on free radicals neutralization as the main cause of accumulating harmful substances and ageing of an organism. It consists of betulin and succinic acid, which contributes to increase of resistance to environmental influence.
400 rub.
30 cups
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Guaranty of betulin of high purity

Technology of natural extraction of the bark of birch trees and isolation of betulin of high purity (up to 99, 9%) was developed and registered by Russian scientists at the end 2014. It is betulin that BetulaFarm ® uses to produce its BADS.

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Ingredients and their properties

1 capsule of Betulin Antiox contains 40 mg of betulin and 160 mg of succinic acid

Betulin neutralizes the effects of free radicals on cells - the main cause of aging and degradation of the individual systems. Science has also proven antitumor effect of betulin.

Succinic acid

Succinic acid stimulates the process of oxygen delivery to cells, relieves stress, restores energy exchange, normalizes the process of production of new cells, it has restorative and regenerative effects. It also provides an antiviral protection.

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Main health benefits of betulin

Free radicals neutralization – the main cause of ageing
Restoration of damaged cell membranes
Normalization of cell renewal
Restoration of energy exchange in an organism
Prevention of neoplasms
Strengthening of cerebral circulation and internals
Restorative effect
Protection against stress
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Как замедлить процессы старения

Продлить молодость возможно:
Have a balanced diet,
get enough vitamins and
minerals from food
Lead an active lifestyle –
don’t neglect regular
exercises and sport
Keep to a healthy day
regimen - interchange work
and a proper rest
Regularly spend time in the open air
Avoid stresses
Take Betulin Antiox 30 caps. systematically

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Maria Alexandrova
Maria Alexandrova
Catherinburg, 32 years old

I started taking Betulin - Antiox ( BetulaFarm®) after the second birth in order to help the body recover. Immediately I noticed that the recovery went faster: it was much easier to bear the lack of sleep, I feel more relaxed, the body skin and abdominal muscles quickly came to a prenatal condition. I am happy with the result!

Olga Starkevich
Olga Starkevich

I bought Betulin - Antiox ( BetulaFarm®) for my mother (57 years old) as a gift, for two months . After a month of receiving it ishe said that the strength has increased, the mood, complexion and appetite have improved and the pressure (usually high) has normalized. The result can be seen as well - my mother has become much more active and cheerful. Now she continues to take Betulin - Antiox ( BetulaFarm® ) , is making plans for the summer holidays and recommends the drug to all of her friends.

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