Betulin Hepato 15 caps.
“Betulin Hepato” is aimed at the prevention of liver diseases and recovery of its usual work. Betulin helps to normalize metabolic processes in cells of liver, recover biligenic function, block the destruction of liver cell membranes, extract of silybum marianum contributes to cell renewal of liver.
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15 cups
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Guaranty of betulin of high purity

Technology of natural extraction of the bark of birch trees and isolation of betulin of high purity (up to 99, 9%) was developed and registered by Russian scientists at the end 2014. It is betulin that BetulaFarm ® uses to produce its BADS.

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Ingredients and their properties

1 capsule of Betulin Hepato contains 40 mg of betulin and 160 mg of dried silybum marianum extract

Betulin helps to restore liver operation blocking the distruction of cells and normalizing its bile forming function and hampers the inflammatory and necrotic processes

Silybum marianum

Extract of silybum marianum improves metabolism, accelerates the renewal of liver cells, and increases the resistance of liver to a devastating effect of infections, alcohol and toxins.

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Main health benefits of betulin

Protection of cell membranes of liver against breakage
Increase of activity of enzyme systems and improvement of cellular respiration
Recovery of biligenic function
Decrease of inflammatory and necrotic processes in liver
Liver tissues repair
Protection of liver against the influence of harmful food, alcohol and toxic drugs
Improvement of a skin state in case of hepatic injuries
Activation of synthesis of cytochromes P-450 – a main enzyme, which protects organism against side effect of drugs
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How to make liver healthy

Liver should be taken care after for the whole life:
Avoid eating junk food, fat
and fried food, as well as
drinking alcohol
Don’t neglect having breakfast –
eating in the morning helps
a bile outflow
Stimulate daily defecation – this way toxic load on an organism decreases
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Kseniya Romashova
Kseniya Romashova

My father (62 years) was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. All indicators (AST, ALT, LDH) were very bad. Doctors have prescribed a lot of medicines, the side effects of which have greatly weakened dad - weakness, nausea, irritability and absentmindedness. Frankly speaking, we haven't been expected a lot from Betulin - Hepato (BetulaFarm®), we just have decided to try it. After one-month course nausea was gone, the yellowness and puffiness of face have almost disappeared, the indicators began to improve slowly, appetite appeared again. Doctors are surprised! We are not planning to stop taking the drug as there are signes of improvement.

Catherine Petrenko
Catherine Petrenko
Kaliningrad, 47 years old

After the New Year holidays when the table is full of fatty and fried foods and alcohol, I was worried about discomfort in the liver, bad complexion and bad breath. I drank oats and was keeping to a diet . This year I have decided to start taking Betulin - Hepato ( BetulaFarm® )in mid-December. After the holidays there were no unpleasant feelings in the liver. It turns out that the body cannot cope with the heavy festive food without the support of Betulin – Hepato (BetulaFarm®). Betulin neutralizes the effect of free radicals on cells – the main cause of organism's aging and degradation of its separate systems. Science has also proven betulin's antitumorigenic effect.

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