Betulin SlimCorrect (Sports Series)
Betulin SlimCorrect (Sport Series) is recommended as a BADS – a source of betulin, inulin, essential amino acids, microelements, pectin and ascorbic acid.
Unique combination of betulin and concentrate of Jerusalem artichoke (topinambour) allows to normalize the processes of metabolism in a body and as a result cope with overweight.
700 rub.
60 cups
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Guaranty of betulin of high purity

Technology of natural extraction of the bark of birch trees and isolation of betulin of high purity (up to 99, 9%) was developed and registered by Russian scientists at the end 2014. It is betulin that BetulaFarm ® uses to produce its BADS.

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Ingredients and their properties

1 capsule of Betulin – SlimCorrect contains 40 mg of betulin and 160 mg of extract of dried topinambour

Betulin changes the mechanism of lipid digestion by liver. It leads to lowering of cholesterol in blood, as a consequence, to reduction of number of “atherosclerotic plagues” in vessels, it also increases sensitivity to insulin. Moreover, betulin activates burning of calories, contributes to body cleansing and lowering of arterial blood pressure.

Jerusalem Artichoke (Topinambour)

Jerusalem artichoke leads to improvement of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, decreases BSL (blood sugar level), it has an antioxidant effect, removes toxins, radionuclides, salts of heavy metals from the body, restores gut flora, normalizes the level of cholesterol and also stimulates regeneration.

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Main health benefits of betulin

Reduction of cholesterol and the number of “atherosclerotic plaques” in vessels
Increase of insulin sensitivity
Activation of burning calories
Normalization of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism
Normalization of gut work
Protection against hepatic steatosis
Removal of toxins and radionuclides
Lowering blood pressure
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How to maintain slimness

A few simple rules and recommendations, which will allow you to keep shape for years to come
Have a balanced diet,
get enough vitamins and
minerals from food
Lead an active lifestyle –
don’t neglect regular
exercises and sport
Avoid stresses
Do not overeat and do
not get carried away with
harmful heavy food
Take Betulin SlimCorrect (Sports Series) systematically

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