Betulin (Sports series)
The regular use of betulin stimulates body recovery after intense physical activity, acceleration of recovery processes after injuries, increase stamina and
effectiveness of training. In addition, betulin is applied for neutralization
of the negative impact on body when taking anabolic drugs.
565 rub.
60 cups
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Guaranty of betulin of high purity

Technology of natural extraction of the bark of birch trees and isolation of betulin of high purity (up to 99, 9%) was developed and registered by Russian scientists at the end 2014. It is betulin that BetulaFarm ® uses to produce its BADS.

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Ingredients and their properties

1 capsule of Betulin contains 40 mg of betulin

Birch bark extract of high 99,9% purity degree

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Main health benefits of betulin

Restoring the body after intense exercise
Reduced catabolic process
Accelerate the recovery process after injury
Neutralization of the negative impact on the body when taking anabolic drugs
Increased stamina, increase training effectiveness
Protection of muscle cells from destruction
Normalization of metabolism
Oxygenation tissues
Improve liver function
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Как сохранить здоровье надолго

Несколько простых правил и рекомендаций, которые позволят вам сохранить здоровье на долгие годы
Have a balanced diet,
get enough vitamins and
minerals from food
Lead an active lifestyle –
don’t neglect regular
exercises and sport
Keep to a healthy day
regimen - interchange work
and a proper rest
Regularly spend time in the open air
Avoid stresses
Take Betulin (Sports series) systematically

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